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5 Essential Winter Dog Clothes For Walking Your Dog In the Cold

By Canada Pooch on Aug 23, 2022
5 Essential Winter Dog Clothes For Walking Your Dog In the Cold

Icy sidewalks, wind chill, and precipitation can make walking your dog in the winter  cold and punishing. In extreme instances, prolonged exposure to the cold could leave your dog vulnerable to hypothermia or frostbite. Some dogs are more susceptible to cold weather than others, especially small dogs and those with thin coats, such as Weimaraners or Boxers. 

Is it okay to walk your dog in the winter? Since you and your dog probably can’t hibernate all winter, it’s important to be mindful of your pup’s comfort levels when heading out during cold, icy weather. Fortunately, Canada Pooch offers all kinds of winter dog clothing and accessories designed to help dogs of all shapes, sizes, and breeds stay warm and dry during walks in cold weather .

When outfitted with the right winter dog walking gear, your pup can get outside to burn off excess energy while staying warm and dry, regardless of the cold winter weather!

Rain jacket

Dogs can quickly become chilled from walking around with damp fur, so a waterproof coat is the best way to help your pup stay warm and dry on a wet winter day. A coat will keep the raindrops off your dog’s fur, and the fabric will also help reduce any windchill while retaining your dog’s body heat to keep them warm.

Canada Pooch has many winter dog clothes and rain jacket options to protect your dog from precipitation on a winter walk, but the warmest option is the Cold Front Raincoat. It has a sleek, waterproof shell and a cozy fleece lining to protect your dog from cold, windy winter weather. The coat’s funnel neck and hood provide additional protection from the rain. The Cold Front Coat comes in two colors, silver and orange, making your pup extra visible during gloomy weather. The full belly coverage on this coat makes it an excellent option for low-to-the-ground dogs prone to getting wet, dirty bellies from the winter snow and slush!

Slush suit

Frolicking in the rain, slush, or snow can leave your dog feeling cold and wet, making outdoor playtime and walks uncomfortable in the winter. Dogs with long fur are also prone to getting dirt and debris from slushy winter conditions caught in their coats, and those with fine fur may quickly develop mats that are uncomfortable to remove later on.

Outfitting your pup with a Slush Suit will help keep them warm, dry, and clean when walking your dog in the cold This versatile winter onesie is made from water-resistant fabric, and it has a funnel neck, sleeves, and full belly coverage to provide thorough protection from the elements. The side zipper makes it easy to put on your dog (they just step in!), and the neck is adjustable to ensure a snug fit and block cold air from entering. The Slush Suit features reflective branded taping on the side for increased visibility in snowy weather.

While the Slush Suit offers excellent coverage, dogs with thin coats may benefit from an additional layer. The Thermal Layer Onesie can be worn underneath the Slush Suit for added warmth on cold winter days.  

Snow suit

Do dogs need protection from the snow? Much like the Slush Suit, a Canada Pooch’s Snow Suit offers your dog full body protection during the winter. The Snow Suit features a thermal foil lining that helps to retain your pup’s body temperature, so they stay warm and cozy. The exterior of the suit is water-resistant to help keep your dog dry. Just like the Slush Suit, it features a side zip, making it easy to step into. The button snap at the front and back legs has two settings so you can adjust for the best fit. The suit comes in black and red and is available in 11 sizes. 

The Snow Suit is particularly beneficial for small dogs and pups with thin coats that are especially sensitive to chilly weather. Consider your dog’s coat and if they might feel too warm in the Snow Suit (unless the temperature is extremely cold). The Slush Suit is a perfect alternative if you want to keep your pup clean and dry without the risk of overheating on milder winter days. 


How cold is too cold to walk your dog? Prolonged exposure to the cold is not only uncomfortable for many dogs, but it can even lead to hypothermia in extreme cases. A dog parka is a stylish and functional addition to your dog’s winter clothes that will keep your pup toasty during winter walks. Whether you’re popping out to run a quick errand with your dog in tow or headed on a walk in chilly weather, you can’t go wrong with a parka!

Canada Pooch’s Prism Puffer is a chic and practical jacket for your pup’s winter wardrobe. The soft fleece lining and faux-down filling will keep even the most sensitive dogs cozy. The exterior fabric is water-resistant, and the jacket features a stretch rib chest panel to accommodate dogs of all sizes. The Prism Puffer pulls over your dog’s head and has a back-zip closure. Pull the hood over your pup’s ears on chilly days for extra warmth, making it the perfect cold weather dog walking gear!

The True North Parka is another great outer layer featuring heavy-weight insulation for added warmth. It comes in a stylish color-block pattern and smaller sizes 6 feature sleeves, making it a fantastic option for small dogs who are most sensitive to cold weather. There’s even an Eco+ version, which is made from recycled materials!

Another stylish option, the Alaskan Army Parka, features faux-fur trim and a luxurious sherpa lining to keep dogs cozy! Click here to browse Canada Pooch’s complete collection of dog parkas!

Soft shield boots

Wondering how to walk your dog in winter safely? Winter conditions can be tough on your pup’s paws. Walking on frozen surfaces can be chilly and uncomfortable, and prolonged exposure can cause frostbite. If your dog has long fur, snowballs may develop between their toes, causing discomfort. So, how do you keep your dog’s paws warm when walking?

Dog boots are a great way to insulate your dog’s paws from cold, icy surfaces. Additionally, boots can offer extra traction on slippery surfaces and protect your pup’s paws from the harmful salt and chemicals used to clear roads and sidewalks in the winter. The following are the best dog walking boots for winter!

Canada Pooch’s Soft Shield Boots are insulated and water-resistant to keep your dog’s paws warm and dry in the rain, snow, and slush when out on a winter walk. They have a wide opening, making them easy to slip on, and the reflective ankle strap provides extra visibility while keeping the boots in place. The best part - these dog boots stay on thanks to the adjustable toggle and velcro strap!

When ice isn’t a factor, the Unlined Wellies offer ample protection from rain and mud while providing extra traction thanks to their non-slip soles, making them a great addition to your winter dog walking gear.


The Bottom Line for Keeping Your Dog Warm & Dry

Many dogs struggle to stay warm enough in cold winter conditions. Small dogs, those with thin coats, and older dogs typically have the hardest time maintaining warmth during frigid conditions. While your pup may be hesitant to go out during brisk winter conditions, in most cases, a daily walk is an essential part of your dog’s routine. Fortunately, with the right dog winter clothes and walking gear, you can keep your pup warm and cozy in almost any weather!

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