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Dog Calming Products

Check out our weighted calming collection designed to help calm anxious dogs. The gentle weighted pressure creates a sensory distraction that provides comfort and relaxation. Shop now for the best products for dog calming.


Dog Calming Products

Check out our weighted calming collection designed to help calm anxious dogs. The gentle weighted pressure creates a sensory distraction that provides comfort and relaxation. Shop now for the best products for dog calming.

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  • Weighted Calming Toy in Grey, Canada Pooch, Dog Calming
    • Weighted Calming Toy in Grey, Canada Pooch, Dog Calming|| color::grey-lamb|| size::na
    Weighted Calming Toy Grey Lamb
    from $25
  • Weighted Calming Vest in Blue, Canada Pooch Dog Calming
    • Weighted Calming Vest in Blue, Canada Pooch, Dog Calming|| color::blue|| size::na
    Weighted Calming Vest Blue
    from $45
  • Weighted Calming Vest in Grey, Canada Pooch Dog Calming
    • Weighted Calming Vest in Grey, Canada Pooch, Dog Calming|| color::grey|| size::na
    Weighted Calming Vest Grey
    from $45
  • Weighted Calming Vest in Pink, Canada Pooch Dog Calming
    • Weighted Calming Vest in Pink, Canada Pooch, Dog Calming|| color::pink|| size::na
    Weighted Calming Vest Pink
    from $45
  • Weighted Calming Blanket in Grey, Canada Pooch, Dog Calming
    • Weighted Calming Blanket in Grey, Canada Pooch, Dog Calming|| color::grey|| size::na
    Weighted Calming Blanket Grey
    from $80

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Weighted Calm™ Collection FAQs

The Weighted Calmcollection is designed to help calm anxious dogs. The collection includes a weighted calming vest, weighted blanket for dogs and a calming dog toy that applies a gentle weighted pressure to help create a calmer emotional state. 

The collection is weighted with non-toxic microbeads to evenly distribute weight in specific locations on the dog. This helps create a calmer emotional state by providing a sensory distraction and offers a comforting pressure, similar to being hugged or pet.  

Each dog experiences anxiety differently and each product in the collection can be used in different situations; for example, the calming dog vest offers a constant gentle pressure and is great for every situation and is especially good for dogs that pace when anxious. The calming dog toy is great for dogs that gravitate towards toys when anxious or tend to be hyper or overstimulated when anxious and need a distraction. The weighted blanket for dogs is great for dogs that tend to “freeze” when anxious or are staying in one place. Consult your vet before use especially if your pet has any pre-existing conditions such as problems with sleep, diabetes, medical concerns with circulation, back or neck issues, and /or low blood pressure. 

Canada Pooch offers a great line of dog calming products that utilizes a gentle weighted pressure to help calm your dog. Check out our Weighted Calming Blanket, Toy, and Vest. 

The Weighted Calming Vest works by applying gentle pressure over the dog’s shoulders.  This helps create a calmer emotional state by providing a sensory distraction through the comforting pressure, similar to being hugged or pet. 

The weighted blanket for dogs applies a gentle pressure that resembles being hugged or pet, a stimulus to help dogs feel calm and at ease.

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The Weighted Calming Toy is a companion toy that offers a sensory distraction to help soothe anxious dogs. A great option for dog’s that need a distraction when anxious and can be used in addition to the Canada Pooch Calming Vest or Calming Blanket.   

Dog Calming Products

Whether it's due to thunderstorms, vet visits, or car rides, calming products can help soothe your dog and keep them relaxed.

 In this article, we will explore some of the best dog calming products available and answer popular questions about their effectiveness and safety. 

Keep Your Dog Calm and Stress-Free

Just like humans, dogs can experience stress and anxiety. Providing a comforting environment for your pup is essential to keep them calm and happy. With the right approach, you can effectively help your dog navigate through stressful situations.

Here are some tips to keep your dog calm:

  • Exercise and mental stimulation can be key in reducing stress levels in dogs. Be sure to offer regular physical activities to keep your pet occupied.
  • Implement a routine: dogs thrive on consistency. Establishing daily feeding, walking, and playtimes can help minimize anxiety.
  • Proper training and socialization are crucial. Familiarizing your dog with various people, animals, and environments will reduce their stress responses in new situations.
  • Provide a safe and comfortable space for your pet. Having their own designated cozy spot with their bed, favorite toy, or even a piece of your clothing can help them feel more secure.

Additionally, there are a variety of products on the market designed to help dogs cope with stress and anxiety. The Weighted Calming Collection from Canada Pooch is designed to help provide a soothing and calming effect on anxious pets.

Different Types of Calming Aids for Dogs

Dogs are part of the family. We love spending time with them and they can be extremely affectionate towards us. However, as much as we love having them around, sometimes dogs can become anxious or agitated. It could be because of loud noises, car rides, or other situations. In such cases, calming products for dogs can be highly beneficial. 

Weighted Calming Blanket

These blankets are similar to the weighted blankets used by humans to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. They are filled with micro beads and are designed to mimic the feeling of being hugged or held. These blankets work by applying gentle pressure evenly distributed across your dog's body, providing a sensation like a hug. This pressure can help to reduce anxiety, promote relaxation, and improve sleep. Weighted calming blankets for dogs are available in different sizes and weights and can be used in various situations. For example, they can be used during thunderstorms or fireworks to help calm a dog that is afraid of loud noises. They can also be used during car rides to reduce travel anxiety or in new environments to help a dog feel more secure.

This calming aid can help increase a dog's sense of security and comfort. This can lead to improved behavior and increased sleep quality.

When purchasing a weighted calming blanket for a dog, choosing the correct weight and size is important. To choose the perfect size for your pup, reference our size guide to find what works best. 

Weighted Calming Toy

Another popular type of weighted calming toy is the stuffed animal. These toys are stuffed with microbeads. The soft surface of the toy provides a cozy feeling to the dogs, while the added weight helps in calming them down.

When selecting a weighted calming toy for your dog, it is important to choose a size appropriate for your pet. This calming toy is designed to be a gentle weighted distraction for your dog, but comfortable to pick up and hold.

Calming Vest

Lastly, calming vests are another great option for pet parents looking to help alleviate anxiety in dogs. These vests work by providing gentle, constant pressure that can calm your dog.

These vests are adjustable and come in various sizes, making it easy to find the right fit for your dog. It's essential to ensure the vest is snug but not too tight to avoid discomfort or restriction of movement. 

Is My Dog Anxious?

Dog’s have this innate ability to understand our emotions and make us feel better with their presence. However, as much as we love dogs, they also experience emotions like stress, fear, and anxiety. 

Causes of Anxiety in Dogs

Many factors can trigger anxiety in dogs, and it's essential to know what they are to help your pup cope better. Here are some of the common causes of anxiety in dogs:

  • Loud noises: Sounds that are too loud or sudden can be frightening and cause stress in animals, especially if they are not used to the noise.
  • New environment: Moving to a new home, unfamiliar city, or new surroundings can be very stressful for animals, resulting in fear, and other issues.
  • Lack of socialization: If animals are not exposed to different environments, people, and other animals when they are young, they may develop behavior problems, such as fear, aggression, and anxiety.
  • Genetics: Some animals may inherit behavior traits from their parents, making them more susceptible to certain behavioral problems, such as separation anxiety or fear of loud noises.

Understanding the root cause of your dog's anxiety is vital in determining the best treatment plan.

What Works Best for Calming Dogs?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for calming dogs, as each pup has different triggers and responses to stress. Trial and error are important to determine which product or technique works best for your particular pet. Some popular options for soothing anxious dogs include:

  • Weighted vests and blankets, like the Weighted Calming Collection from Canada Pooch
  • Calming treats and supplements containing natural ingredients like chamomile, valerian root, or L-theanine
  • Pheromone diffusers with calming scents like lavender or lemon balm, specifically designed for pets
  • Interactive puzzles, treat-dispensing toys, and chew toys to provide mental and physical stimulation
  • Calming music or "white noise" to help soothe dogs during stressful events like thunderstorms or fireworks

It is important to consult with your veterinarian or a canine behaviorist before using any calming product to ensure the right fit for your pet.

How Do I Calm My Dog?

Dogs are known to be man’s best friend. However, dogs may feel anxious, stressed, and uncomfortable in different situations, which can lead to disruptive and destructive behavior. If you are worried about your dog’s behavior or want them to feel safe and calm, there are several things you can do to help.

Understand the Causes of Stress and Anxiety in Dogs

Like humans, dogs can experience stress and anxiety for various reasons. Some of the common causes of dog anxiety include loud noises (fireworks and thunderstorms), unfamiliar surroundings, and changes in routine. Understanding what triggers your dog's anxious behavior will help you take proactive steps to help them feel calmer and more secure.

Provide a Safe Haven

Creating a safe and comfortable space for your dog can help them feel secure and reduce their stress and anxiety levels. This can be a cozy spot in your home, their crate, or a dog bed. Keep the area clean with regular cleaning, use a comfortable cushion or blanket, and provide a few favorite toys to keep your dog entertained and occupied.

Give Your Dog Adequate Exercise and Mental Stimulation

Dogs that are physically fit and mentally stimulated are less likely to be anxious or stressed. Regular exercise can help to release pent-up energy, reduce stress, and promote healthy sleep patterns. Similarly, mental stimulation, such as training, interactive toys, and games, can help boost your dog's confidence, reduce boredom, and increase their overall happiness.

Use Calming Aids

If your dog is still experiencing anxiety despite your best efforts, consider using calming aids that can help soothe their frazzled nerves. These can include products from the weighted calming collection at Canada Pooch. 

Reduce Exposure to Stressful Situations

Reducing your dog's exposure to stressful situations can help to prevent anxiety and stress from occurring in the first place. For example, keep your dog away from loud music, fireworks, and thunderstorms by providing a safe and quiet place for them. 

Practice Positive Reinforcement Training

Positive reinforcement training can help to build your dog's confidence, reduce anxiety, and improve their overall behavior. This involves rewarding desired behavior with treats, praise, and affection while ignoring or redirecting unwanted behavior. This approach is gentle, humane, and effective, and can help reduce anxiety and stress in your dog.

Resources to Help Calm Your Dog

Aside from the tips outlined above, several resources can help you calm your dog, including professional dog trainers, animal behaviorists, and veterinarian offices. These experts can provide tailored advice and support to help your furry friend cope with stress and anxiety and lead a happy and healthy life.

Are Dog Calming Products Safe?

As with any product designed for pets, it is vital to make sure that the calming products you select are safe and appropriate for your specific dog. When purchasing a dog calming product, such as the Weighted Calming Collection from Canada Pooch, remember the following:

  • Follow the size and weight guidelines to ensure a proper fit for your dog.
  • Closely monitor your pet's behavior and comfort levels when using new products.
  • Do not leave your pet unattended when utilizing Calming products
  • Consult with a veterinarian or canine behavior expert to make sure the product is suitable for your dog's unique needs.

Research is essential to ensure the chosen calming products align with your dog's temperament and sensitivities. Proactively monitoring your dog's response to the calming product will yield insights to inform future decisions or adjustments.

The Weighted Calming Collection Helps Calm Anxious Dogs

The Weighted Calming Collection from Canada Pooch offers a weighted solution for calming anxious dogs. It features weighted dog vests and blankets that apply gentle pressure on the animal's body, similar to swaddling a baby. This deep pressure helps to alleviate stress and anxiety by making the dog feel more secure, helping them manage their emotions in a better way.

Canada Pooch's weighted collection often helps dogs during stressful situations such as thunderstorms, fireworks, travel, and other potentially triggering events. Utilizing high-quality breathable materials, these garments are designed to be both comfortable and effective for a variety of dog breeds. This collection includes items like a weighted calming toy, a weighted calming blanket, and a weighted calming vest.

Tips for Choosing a Calming Product for Your Dog

When selecting a calming product for your dog, there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure that you choose the right product for your pooch.

  • Read reviews and check ratings before purchasing.
  • Consult with your veterinarian to discuss any potential side effects or interactions with other medications.
  • Consider your dog's size and weight, as some products are specifically formulated for larger or smaller dogs.