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6 Types of Dog Hats for Every Season

By Canada Pooch on Jul 22, 2022
6 Types of Dog Hats for Every Season

Don’t overlook the benefits of dog hats! In addition to being adorable, stylish, and occasionally goofy, dog hats can help your pup all year around. In the summer, cooling hats can help provide relief from the heat and shade your pup’s eyes from the sun. In the winter, a dog hat such as a beanie will keep your pup’s head warm and cozy during cold weather. They are especially beneficial for dog breeds with notoriously thin coats such as Italian Greyhounds or Whippets. 

What’s more, hats make fun, playful accessories that allow you to show off your (dog’s) personality and sense of style. The following are a few dog hat styles we’re sure you and your pooch will love!


How to Fit a Dog Hat Properly

Finding the right fit is key to ensuring a dog hat is comfortable and will stay in place. To determine the appropriate size you need to know the circumference of your dog’s head. Measure your dog’s head with a soft tape measure. Beginning on the top of the head, measure around your dog’s chin to find the circumference. Refer to the size guide on any Canada Pooch hat page to determine which option is best for your dog.

How Do You Get a Hat to Stay on a Dog’s Head?

To make sure your dog’s hat stays on their head, they must be  fitted correctly. Your dog’s ears should fit comfortably through the ear slits on the hat. If the hat is too small, the space between the ear slits will be too narrow to comfortably accommodate your dog’s ears. If the hat is too large, the ears may not fit all the way through the slits, causing it to fall off. If you have any questions about the fit of a hat your order, contact a Canada Pooch fit expert for assistance.

9 Adorable Dog Hats for Your Pup

Whether you want to dress them up for a photoshoot, create an outfit that compliments your own, or simply add a functional accessory to your dog’s wardrobe, Canada Pooch has an irresistible collection of hats to choose from. 

Chill Seeker Cooling Hat

Cooling accessories are a great way to help your dog stay comfortable in hot weather, and the Chill Seeker Cooling Hat is no exception. This hat was designed with water-retaining fabric and mesh layers to facilitate air circulation. This dog cooling hat features ear holes  to accommodate all ear shapes and a wide brim to shade your dog’s eyes from the sun! When wetted, the evaporation cooling effect is initiated, offering your pup relief from the heat. The hat comes in either blue or pink, so you can choose which best suits your dog’s personality. It is available in four sizes, ranging from Small to Extra-Large. 

Dobermans wearing Cooling Hat + Cooling Vest

This stylish hat pairs perfectly with the Chill Seeker Cooling Vest to create a refreshing summer ensemble for your dog! 

Cool Factor Bucket Hat

Bucket hats are back, and there’s no reason your dog shouldn’t also embrace this 90s throwback look! The Cool Factor Bucket Hat is made of soft, fleece material that provides a cozy look for autumn evenings. This adorable hat slips on over your dog’s ears and stays on your dog’s head  thanks to an adjustable cotton draw cord. The bucket hat comes in black or pink and is available in sizes Small through Extra-Large. 

Dog wearing Cool Factor Bucket Hat + Hoodie

Whether you’re looking for a throwback Halloween costume or want to create an Instagrammable moment with your pup, this bucket hat will definitely do the trick! To complete the look, pair it with the Cool Factor Hoodie– available for both dogs and humans

Torrential Tracker Hat

This stylish dog rain hat makes an adorable addition to your pup’s rainy day ‘fit. Made from sturdy water-resistant fabric, it stays secure around your dog’s head with an adjustable chin strap. There are many benefits to this dog rain hat. The wide brim works to shield your pup’s eyes from the rain, but it can be secured back with a snap to offer increased peripheral vision. The hat’s ear slits make it a comfortable option for both pointy and floppy-eared dogs!

Dog wearing pink Torrential Tracker Rain Hat + Jacket

This hat comes in two vibrant colors, pink and yellow, to add visibility during gloomy wet walks, and is available in four sizes to accommodate any dog! It pairs perfectly with the Torrential Tracker raincoat. 

2-in-1 Bandit Hat

Made from 75% recycled yarn, this dog hat is equal parts cute and cozy - the perfect winter hat! While it will look fantastic on any breed, the 2-in-1 Bandit Hat is especially beneficial for dogs with thin coats who could use additional warm layers in the fall and winter. The hat’s functional ear slits allow it to accommodate any ear shape, and it comes in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. Its stretchy, ribbed-knit material will allow it to fit most dogs.

Dog wearing the 2-in-1 Bandit Hat

Pair the 2-in-1 Bandit Hat with the Everest Explorer Jacket to create a stylish ensemble for your pup’s fall wardrobe!    

Arctic Air Hat

If you’d like to add a statement piece to your dog’s winter  wardrobe, the Arctic Air Hat with ear holes is the perfect option. This aviator style hat is made from cozy fleece that will keep your pup’s head warm all winter. It features open ear flaps for comfort and stays in place with an adjustable chin strap. The hat’s long ear flaps can be left loose or buttoned around your pup’s chin for added warmth. 

Top of dogs head, wearing the Arctic Air Hat

The Arctic Air hat comes in four sizes, ranging from Small to Extra-Large. Style it with the Expedition Coat in Red Plaid to create an eye-catching winter ensemble that is sure to draw attention at both the dog park and the ski lodge!

Polar Dog Pom Pom Hat

Bundling up for the winter isn’t just practical - Canada Pooch has made covering up cute with a pom pom beanie! The Polar Dog Pom Pom hat is sure to be a staple in your pup’s winter wardrobe! Made from a marled cable knit fabric and complete with a two-tone pom pom, braided rope, and tassel ear flaps, this dog beanie  is the ultimate winter accessory. This winter hat with ear holes is comfortable for your pup, and the braided tassels can be tied under the chin to help keep it on your dog’s head . Thanks to the thick knit material, this pom pom hat is sure to keep your dog warm, but you can pair it with the True North Parka to ensure your dog is cozy all over! 

Small dog wearing the Polar Pom Pom Hat in Grey
As you can see, there are hats available for every season and every dog. The items mentioned here are just the beginning! Shop our complete hat collection to find items for large and small dogs that suit your pup’s unique style and personality!
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