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The Best Halloween Costumes for Dogs

By Canada Pooch on Oct 28, 2021
The Best Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Halloween is a special time of year for pet parents and their dogs to have fun dressing up in adorable costumes. However, coming up with the best Halloween costumes for dogs takes a little creativity –– especially if you’re considering not using a store-bought, pre-made costume. 

Those pre-made costumes can be cute, but they may not be the best option for your pooch. Halloween clothes for dogs can often be too thin for cold weather, and not designed to keep your dog warm while trick-or-treating. They can even be difficult to move in since they don’t always have the best size or fit. 

With the right attire, you can make any costume that you want! The trick to finding something that will look like a treat on your dog is finding a reliable source for pet apparel that gives your dog great, comfortable options. Here are a few ideas from Canada Pooch to help you make a last minute comfortable and stylish costume for your pup.                                                  

Costumes With Canada Pooch  

Canada Pooch has a wide assortment of dog apparel options, including coats, sweaters, hats, scarves, and boots for dogs. Our products are designed to keep your dog warm while also having the right fit. With so many options to choose from, you can put together a variety of creative costumes, and secure a great piece of dog clothing for year round wear! Here are a few easy halloween dog costumes you can make with products from Canada Pooch.  


One of the first animals in space was a dog, which is why your dog might enjoy being an astronaut for Halloween. Try our Cold Front Raincoat in silver for a sleek, adorable look. It has a similar metallic exterior like the astronauts in movies and makes an awesome, super easy halloween costume for dogs. You’ll be over the moon with how cute the coat looks, and the extra protection it offers your dog on cold rainy walks. 

Besides a stellar look, the Cold Front Raincoat is waterproof, making it perfect for walking when it is going to rain. The inside is lined with fleece to keep your dog warm. This coat has a hood so you won’t have to fashion a helmet to complete the outfit. 

If you want to take this costume further, there are a lot of ways you can add to the coat. This is what JM, the parent of @louiethebluefrenchie did and the results were out of this world! JM told us “I took water bottles and spray painted them silver, then I bought foam sheets from Michael’s and used that to create the planets and his rocket jet. The helmet was a plastic 32” fish bowl that I cut, and I used a black foam sheet with wire to secure it all together”. Check out JM’s amazing creativity and Louie’s adorable look below and @louie.bluefrenchie on IG! 

Georgie from the Movie, IT

If you are a fan of horror movies, then there is a good chance you have seen the movie IT, based on the novel by Stephen King. Georgie, the kid in the classic yellow raincoat, is a perfect costume idea for your dog. 

To pull this look off, you don’t need much, just a classic raincoat, some rain boots and a red balloon. Fortunately, Canada Pooch has both options. Our Torrential Tracker is almost exactly identical to the look of the classic yellow raincoat that Georgie wears. Check out one of our pet parents who perfectly re-created this look on their pup @mia__the_frenchie

The Torrential Tracker is a body-length raincoat for dogs. The inside is lined with a soft cotton blend for added warmth and comfort, especially in the cold rain. The outside is water-resistant polyester, which repels the water while staying breathable to keep your dog at the right temperature. Functional pockets and a hood add to the overall look and mean you can store treats for your dog in their own pockets! 

If you want to take the outfit a bit further, Canada Pooch also has rain boots for dogs that you can use. Our Unlined Wellies are available in several colors including yellow to match the raincoat. If it is going to rain on Halloween, the raincoat and boots are a good option to have with the added benefit that your dog will look just like a mini version of Georgie! 

Army Cadet

One of the easiest Halloween costumes for dogs is the Army Cadet. The key to making this work is finding the right type of camo. Fortunately, Canada Pooch has you and your dog covered. 

Our Thermal Tech Fleece comes in a dark green camo finish, which is just right for an army-inspired costume. You will find that the Thermal Tech Fleece is easy to put on since it is a pull-over with a half-zipper on the chest. More than that, its hidden features make it great for cold-weather adventures.

The lining in the Thermal Tech Fleece is designed to not only keep your dog’s body heat in, but to reflect it back at your dog, so they can stay warmer in cold weather. Combined with a water-resistant back, your dog will stay warm and dry despite the colder weather during your Halloween adventures. 

Pajama Party

Finding the right Halloween clothes for dogs is fun, but a bit tricky. If you are out of ideas, try something simple, like pajamas. There have been countless people over the years who count on the reliable pajama costume to come together at the last minute. 

For an easy Halloween costume for dogs, use our Frosty Fleece Sweatsuit to create an adorable and cozy look for your dog. It is a body-length onesie with legs, giving your dog plenty of coverage. The fleece helps your dog stay warm, but not as much as heavier dog coats. It is soft, breathable, and all-around comfortable for your dog. 

To accessorize, include a set of our Basic Socks. These socks are made from soft cotton. Ribbed tops help keep them in place, and rubberized soles keep your dog from slipping. An added bonus is when you are done trick-or-treating, your dog is already ready to curl up and go to bed!  


If it’s especially chilly for Halloween and you’re looking for ultimate coverage to protect your pup, then dress your dog as a bandit for Halloween. An all-black, fully bodysuit and the perfect hat is all that you need to make this costume work. Canada Pooch has several options to choose from. 

The Slush Suit is a great example to complete a bandit costume. It has a full coverage design for rainy, muddy weather. Your dog will look ready to sleathly sneak into a bank with this sleek black look and you’ll be happy that once home their fur should be relatively dry and clean! 

If you live in a place where it snows regularly and temperatures can drop below freezing often, then your dog may need extra warmth. Our Snow Suit is another full-length bodysuit for dogs, but this one is designed specifically for snowy conditions. Inside, there is an innovative thermal lining that traps and reflects your dog’s body heat back to them. That way, your dog stays at the right temperature no matter how cold your next snowy walk is. 

To complete the look, and to give your dog some extra protection, add our 2-in-1 Bandit Hat. No bandit Halloween outfit for dogs is complete without a hat to cover your pooch’s head and neck. That way, there is as little of your dog exposed to the air and snow as possible. With functional ear slits and your dog’s face fully exposed, you won’t have to worry about your dog being able to walk safely. Plus, this hat just looks cute no matter what outfit it is worn with. 

Ski Dog

Dogs go on vacation around the world with their pet parents, including skiing. How cute would your dog look this Halloween if you dressed them up as a ski dog. Turn your pooch into a skiing dog with the Everest Explorer Jacket.

It has a thick outer lining to make it thermal and water-resistant. Combined with a faux-down hood lining and a fleece jacket liner, your pet will stay at just the right temperature while wearing this easy Halloween costume for dogs. This jacket is also available in several colors, including red with patches that make your dog look like a mountain explorer. 


Adding patches to our apparel is a great way to make Halloween clothes for dogs, while also acquiring clothes that your dog can wear all year. The key is finding a way to attach them that is not permanent. We recommend glue dots, stick tack or double sided tape because they’ll be easy to remove from the material without leaving a mark. The Cold Front Raincoat also comes in a vibrant orange and can be used to make a Jack-o-Lantern costume. All you have to do is attach a few black felt patches to create the scary, smiley face and you’ll have the perfect Halloween outfit for your dog in no time! It will have an extra cool look since the metallic shine of the Cold Front Raincoat gives it an orange glow. It's perfect for a temporary Halloween costume for rainy or cold weather.

Finding the Right Fit

Halloween outfits for dogs should always fit properly. When your dog’s clothes fit the right way, they are comfortable and won’t restrict your dog in any way. Dog apparel brands size their options based on several factors, including your dog’s chest shape, back length, and breed characteristics. 

At Canada Pooch, we focus on chest girth and back length to effectively size our apparel. Chest girth is the most important factor since it keeps your sweater or coat options from being too tight and restrictive. Measuring by back length also helps you find options that are not too long and cover the wrong parts. 

Canada Pooch uses a size measuring system from size 8 to 28 in all of our apparel options. If you are not sure which size is right, start with our sizing guide. It can point you in the right direction for our apparel options. 

More Apparel Options From Canada Pooch

With a size range of 8 to 28 and tons of different designs, you’re sure  to find a creative Halloween costume for your dog whether they are staying in or going out. The goal is to find a stylish look that focuses on fit and your pup’s comfort. These items will always look great but adding in some accessories can take it from everyday wear to an amazing Halloween costume. We encourage pet parents to be creative and show us their Canada Pooch Halloween costumes on our Instagram by tagging us @canadapooch!

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