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Why Does My Dog Need Snow Boots?

By Canada Pooch on Oct 25, 2022
Why Does My Dog Need Snow Boots?

We spend lots of time optimizing our snowy weather wardrobes, so don’t our dogs deserve the same? Snow (and everything that comes with it) can be tough on your pup’s paws, so it’s essential to ensure they are sufficiently protected.

Snow boots are the perfect solution. They provide insulation from the cold, extra traction on icy surfaces, and protect your dog’s paws from the harsh salts and chemicals commonly found on roads and sidewalks during the winter. 

If your dog has never worn boots before, we’ve put together some handy tips for helping your pup adjust to wearing boots

Read on to learn why boots are an essential winter accessory for your dog, and discover the best dog boots for snow we recommend. 

Protect your dog’s paws from snowy weather hazards

Slippery surfaces

Dogs are generally pretty good at keeping their footing, but it can be tough on icy surfaces, especially if your pup has short nails and can’t dig into the frozen ground. Some dogs, especially puppies or senior dogs, may be hesitant and anxious to walk if they find it hard to keep their footing. But since a daily walk is a non-negotiable for most dogs, snow boots with a non-slip rubber sole are a fantastic way to restore your dog’s confidence in slippery conditions. 


Your dog’s paws are more sensitive than you might imagine, and frostbite is a concern in cold weather. Prolonged snow and ice exposure could damage your pup’s toes and paw pads. 

Matting in your dog’s fur

Dogs with long coats, especially those with curls, are prone to having snow matted in their fur. This is particularly common between their toes, which can become uncomfortable and even painful. Any debris mixed with the snow, be it twigs, dirt, or gravel, is bound to become matted in their fur as well. Wearing snow boots will keep your dog’s paws free of mats and debris!

Harmful salts and chemicals

Salt and other chemicals are often used to melt snow and ice from roads and sidewalks. When your dog comes into contact with these chemicals on their daily walk, it can cause the paw pads to dry out and crack. Snow boots are a great way to protect your pup’s paws from these harmful substances. If you use salt to clear your driveway and walkways, look for a pet-friendly brand (the package will be clearly marked), as these are less harmful to your dog. 

If you notice your dog’s paws become dry or cracked in the winter, consider applying a soothing paw balm to restore moisture and help them heal. You can find one at your local pet store. 

Recommended Snow Boots for Dogs

Soft Shield Boots

The Soft Shield Boots are some of the best dog boots for snow. They are lined for extra warmth, and the water-resistant exterior will keep your pup’s paws dry in snow, slush, rain, and mud. Meanwhile, the soles feature a rubber grip to help your dog maintain their footing in slippery conditions. 

The ultra-wide opening makes slipping these boots over your dog’s paws super easy. They have a wrap-around reflective strap on the ankle to keep them in place while offering extra visibility. An adjustable toggle at the top of the boot helps keep snow and mud out of the boot during wear.

The Soft Shield Boots come in six different sizes and three fun colors: black, red, and green camo. Canada Pooch loves to offer variety, so be sure to check back for new colors!

Secure Sock Boots

With a non-slip rubberized sole, the Secure Sock Boots are a great way to protect your dog’s paws from frost, cold pavement, and salted surfaces while helping them keep their footing.

These pull-on boots are made from a stretchy sock material that will fit snugly around your dog’s leg. A reflective velcro strap around the top of the sock helps them stay in place while your pup romps around. The reflective strip also helps make your dog more visible in low-light situations!

The sock boots are not water resistant, so the Soft Shield Boots will offer better protection for days with deep snow or rain. However, the sock boots are a fantastic option for fall frosts and areas where snow has been cleared because the cozy sock material will help keep your pup warm while protecting their delicate paw pads.  

The Secure Sock Boots come in sizes small through extra-large and are available in two stylish heathered colors: black/grey and magenta/black. 

Unlined Wellies

The Unlined Wellies offer full paw protection for every season. They are made from a waterproof silicone material, which keeps your pup’s paws clean and dry while enabling them to feel the ground beneath their pads. 

These snow boots offer limited insulation from the cold, so they’re the best dog dog snow boots for breeds with thick coats who don’t necessarily need extra warmth in cold weather. The boots are still great for preventing snow from becoming matted on your dog’s paws while protecting them from the harmful chemicals and salts used to clear the roads. 

The Unlined Wellies have an ultra-wide opening, making them easy to slip on over your dog’s paws, and they are held in place by a velcro ankle strap. They come in three fun colors, black, yellow, and red, and sizes XS through 5XL, making them a good option for dogs of any size.  

Keep your pup cozy this winter

Still not convinced dogs need boots for snow? The bottom line is, dog snow boots are a great way to protect your pup’s paws from the snow itself and any chemicals used to clear it from streets and sidewalks. The best snow boots for your dog will depend on their coat, the level of insulation they need, and the weather conditions.

To recap:

  • The Soft Shield Boots offer maximum protection and warmth as they are water-resistant and lined.

  • The Secure Sock Boots are a great option for dry winter days when your pup needs extra warmth and protection for their paw pads. They are not water-resistant, so they aren’t the best option for wearing in the snow.

  • The Unlined Wellies are waterproof but offer minimal insulation. They are best for dogs with thick coats who don’t need additional warmth. 

Pairing a set of snow boots with winter dog apparel will ensure your pup has all the protection they need to enjoy walks during snowy weather. Canada Pooch’s Snow Suit is the best option for full body protection, as it is insulated and water-resistant. The Slush Suit is a fantastic option for dogs with thick coats who don’t need the extra warmth to help keep them clean and dry when romping in the snowbanks. 

With a trusty pair of dog snow boots and a cozy winter onesie, your pup will be ready for anything the next time it snows!

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