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Exploring the Benefits of Weighted Blankets for Dogs

By Canada Pooch on Jul 11, 2023

Weighted blankets are designed to provide pressure that can help calm anxiety, reduce stress, and improve sleep quality in humans. But did you know that they can have similar benefits for dogs? In this article, we will explore the benefits of using weighted blankets for pooches, as well as some common uses and whether they can help with anxiety. 

Understanding Weighted Blankets for Dogs 

What Are Weighted Blankets? 

Weighted Calming Blankets for dogs are specially designed pet accessories that serve as an innovative solution for various issues faced by our pups. Our blanket contains small pockets filled with glass beads that make the blanket heavier than usual, providing a gentle pressure through the weight of gravity and support when wrapped around them. They come in various sizes and weights to cater to different dog breeds and sizes, from small Lap Dogs to large Bernese Mountain Dogs and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. A weighted dog blanket is uniquely designed to provide numerous benefits to our pups and their pet parents.

How Do They Work? 

Weighted blankets apply gentle pressure evenly across the dog's body. This pressure helps stimulate the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter responsible for regulating mood, sleep, and digestion. When serotonin levels rise, the body naturally reduces cortisol, a stress hormone that can cause sleep disorders and anxiety issues. As a result, weighted blankets help our pups feel calmer and more relaxed, empowering them to cope with various stressors effectively. The unique design of weighted dog blankets, combined with the filling of glass beads, ensures that the added weight is just enough to provide gentle pressure while not putting any strain on the dog's body. 

Common Uses of Weighted Blankets for Dogs 

Anxiety and Stress Relief 

One of the primary reasons pet parents explore the benefits of weighted blankets for dogs is to provide relief from anxiety and stress-related issues. Some common triggers for an anxious pup include loud noises, new environments, and general fear-related anxiety. Weighted dog blankets serve as a comforting and therapeutic tool that helps alleviate these symptoms by applying gentle pressure across a dog’s body. 

Improved Sleep Quality 

Weighted blankets have been known to improve sleep quality, not only for humans but dogs as well. This benefit primarily stems from the calming effects of pressure regulated by the blanket. Being a well-rested pup can lead to an improved quality of life, including better behavior and a more balanced mood. For dogs dealing with sleep disorders, a weighted blanket to relax their body might be an excellent addition to their sleeping area. Combine a Weighted Calming blanket with an ortho bed or memory foam bed for your pup’s optimal comfort and support. 

Providing a Sense of Security and Comfort 

Our pups are as emotionally complex as their human counterparts, sometimes requiring additional layers of security and comfort. Weighted Calming blankets can provide that sense of security, mirroring the feeling of a reassuring hug or a pet parent's gentle touch. Furthermore, dog beds combined with a weighted blanket are an excellent tool for creating a safe space for your pet, allowing them to feel relaxed and protected. 

Can a Weighted Blanket Help a Dog's Anxiety? 

Explore the Benefits of Weighted Blankets for Dogs: Anxiety is a common problem faced by our pups. Loud noises and other environmental factors can cause them to feel stressed and anxious. Weighted blankets, which are typically designed for humans with sleep disorders, have recently been adapted for our canine companions to help ease their anxiety. 

Weighted blankets work by providing pressure evenly to the body. This sensation mimics the feeling of being held, offering comfort and security to your anxious dog. This sensation has been proven to release serotonin and dopamine - chemicals in the brain responsible for regulating mood and promoting relaxation. 

Is The Weighted Blanket Right For Your Dog? 

As pet parents, we always want what's best for our dogs, so it's essential to consider if a weighted blanket is suitable for your dog. Here are some factors to help you decide: 

Breed and size: Our Weighted Calming Blanket is available in various sizes to suit different breeds. The blanket's weight should be tailored to your dog's size to ensure that it feels comfortable and secure. For example, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever may need a larger and heavier weighted dog blanket than a Cocker Spaniel. Consult with a veterinarian or canine specialist and reference our size guide to determine the appropriate weight for your pup. 

Age: Young puppies and elderly dogs may have different reactions to weighted blankets. Puppies are still adjusting to their environment, and a weighted dog blanket may offer a safe space for them. However, senior dogs may have joint or muscle pain that could worsen with added pressure. Always consult with a veterinarian before introducing a weighted blanket for your dog, regardless of age. 

Introducing a weighted blanket to your dog should be a gradual process. Start by placing the blanket over their existing dog bed and monitor their reaction to it. You can offer your pet some dog training treats to create a positive association with the weighted blanket. Once your pet is used to the blanket, you can start incorporating it during events that may trigger anxiety, such as fireworks or thunder. Remember, it may take time for your dog to adjust to the feeling of the weighted blanket. Be patient and give them the space and time they need to get comfortable with their new accessory. 


The benefits of weighted blankets have been experienced by not only humans with sleep disorders but also by our pups dealing with anxiety. Weighted dog blankets create a sense of security and calmness for your pet during stressful situations. However, it's essential to consider factors such as breed, size, and age before investing in a weighted blanket for your dog. Consulting with a veterinarian or canine specialist will ensure that your pup gets the appropriate weight and size blanket that best suits their needs. 

Weighted Calming blankets can provide your anxious pooch with a safe space to retreat when faced with loud noises or other stressors. Combined with training, consistency, and patience, a weighted blanket can make a significant improvement in your dog's overall well-being and happiness. As pet parents, all we want is to provide our pups with the best care and support throughout their lives. A weighted blanket just might be a worthwhile investment for improving the quality of life of your beloved pup. 

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