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Finding the Best Dog Raincoat for Your Pup

By Canada Pooch on Jun 21, 2022
Finding the Best Dog Raincoat for Your Pup

Choosing the right raincoat for your dog could revolutionize rainy day walks with your dog. Many people wonder whether their dog should wear raincoats. Dog raincoats offer all kinds of benefits for both pets and pet parents. 

For pups reluctant to walk in the rain (who can blame them?!) a dog rain jacket  may help make them more tolerant of yucky weather by keeping them warm and dry! 

Plus, dressing your dog in rain gear, like a waterproof dog jacket will keep your pup cleaner and drier than going without one. This means they'll track less mud back into your home — which means you can skip a post-walk bath time and that wet dog smell that tends to linger in the air after a soggy walk! 

Keep reading for our best advice on the best raincoats for small and large dogs. 

What to look for  when shopping for a dog raincoat

Choosing the best dog raincoat isn't quite as simple as finding one that fits correctly. Several features affect the functionality of a dog rain jacket  for both you and them . Here are a few things to consider when choosing a raincoat for your pup.

  • Leash attachment. Whether your dog walks in a harness or a collar, check that the raincoat you favor enables you to attach a leash easily. Most raincoats offer a connection point on the dog's back between the shoulder blades, which is compatible with most harnesses. Some raincoat styles may prevent you from connecting a leash to the front of your dog's harness


  • Hood or no hood? A dog raincoat with a hood offers additional rain protection, which is always a plus, but they may not work for dogs with pointy ears. Depending on the size of your dog's head, the length of their neck, a hood may obstruct their peripheral vision. 


  • What is the right amount of coverage? Canada Pooch raincoats come in many different styles that include full suits, coats with sleeves, coats without sleeves, belly coverage, or a poncho covering only the dog's back, shoulders, and belly. If your dog loves to romp in the rain, more coverage will help them stay drier. For pups with short legs, poncho styles may work best. 


  • Is the dog's rain gear  visible from a distance? Bright colors and reflective material can help your pup stay visible in dark, gloomy conditions. 


Most importantly, the raincoat you select needs to fit your dog correctly. The raincoat should be snug, but it shouldn't inhibit your dog's mobility. To learn how to measure your dog for a raincoat, check out our article on finding the right fit

Best raincoats for small dogs

Small dogs, particularly those with delicate features or short legs, can easily become enveloped in a raincoat. Styles that cover the back and belly but leave the legs exposed will likely fit best and be most comfortable for your small dog. Small Poodle Dog in Daisy Pick Me Poncho

These are our recommendations for raincoats for small dogs:    

  • Torrential Tracker - This classic dog raincoat starts at a size 8 (running 8 inches long in the back) and will fit even the tiniest dogs. It offers full coverage of the back, shoulders, and belly while leaving the legs free. The attached hood provides protection for the head and ears.


  • Pick Me Poncho - This lightweight raincoat has velcro closures on the chest and belly, meaning you don't have to put it over your dog's head. The hood can be secured back with a snap when not in use. The poncho starts at size 8 and comes in 7 playful patterns! 


  • Cold Front Raincoat - Made for chilly wet walks, this raincoat has a warm fleece lining under its waterproof shell, as well as a funnel neck and hood. It offers full coverage of the back, shoulders, and belly. Sizes 8-16 also come with sleeves for extra coverage on your pup’s front legs! 


Best raincoats for large dogs

One of the challenges with finding raincoats for large dogs is locating clothes that are long enough to cover their entire back

.Chocolate Lab in Black Slush Suit

We recommend the following raincoats for large dog breeds: 

  • Torrential Tracker - Our classic dog raincoat comes in 11 different sizes and will fit most large dog breeds, including German Shepherds. It has a water-resistant polyester shell and a soft polyester/cotton lining to help keep your pup warm on chillier walks. It offers full belly coverage and has velcro closures on the belly and neck, meaning you don't have to slip it over your dog's head. This coat comes in three bright styles and has reflective trim for increased visibility.


  • Slush Suit - This coat offers complete coverage of the back, belly, and legs to protect your pup from the elements. The side zipper closure lets you dress your dog without putting the garment over their head. This dog raincoat will keep your pup clean and dry during walks!


  • Grow-With-Me Raincoat - The dynamic raincoat that grows with your pup! As they grow, you can always keep their back covered by unzipping the back panel to extend the jacket’s length up to two more sizes. It offers a stretchy belly panel with an adjustable strap and easy buckle closure. In a classic bright yellow with reflective detailing for added visibility, this raincoat is a staple for your growing pup.


  • Complete Coverage Raincoat - This doggy raincoat offers full coverage of the back, rump, chest, and shoulders. It comes in 15 different sizes and can accommodate dogs as large as a Great Dane! The coat also has a stretch chest and toggles that make it easy to adjust the fit. 


Additional dog rain gear

Raincoats are just the beginning when it comes to doggy rain gear. Here are a couple of additional items you might pair with your dog's raincoat.



Well-fitting rainwear can make wet walks less of  a nuisance for you and your pup. Keeping your dog warm and dry will make the walk more comfortable and save you a lot of time cleaning up when you get home. Canada Pooch raincoats are perfect  for pups of every shape and size. Shop our rainwear collection for a style your dog will love! 

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