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Harnesses for All Seasons: Weather-Resistant Options for Small Dogs

By Canada Pooch on Sep 6, 2023

Walking your small dog during rainy, snowy, or cold weather can be challenging without the right gear. A weather-resistant dog harness is essential piece of your pet supplies meant for keeping your pup comfortable and secure in all seasons. 

Choosing the Right Weather-Resistant Dog Harness 

Sizing and Fit 

Properly sizing and fitting the harness is crucial to prevent rubbing and keep your dog secure. Measure your dog's chest girth and use our sizing charts to identify the right harness size. Breed specifics like deep chests in greyhounds impact fit, as does coat thickness in cold months. Allow room for growth when sizing puppies. The harness should not constrict movement. You should be able to slide two fingers between the straps and your dog's body. Adjustable straps provide a customizable fit. 

Key Features 

When shopping for an all-weather harness, prioritizing certain key features is important to ensure safety, visibility, proper fit, and ease of use. As you compare options, look for these useful design elements: 

Padded Chest Plate 

A padded chest plate provides comfort and distributes pressure evenly across your dog’s chest and ribcage. The padding acts as a cushion, preventing the harness straps from digging in or irritating your dog as they pull against the leash. Proper distribution of pressure is important for injury prevention and comfort. Our Complete Control Harness is padded for extra comfort. 

Adjustable Straps 

Adjustable straps provide a customizable fit as your dog grows and changes shape over time. They allow you to loosen or tighten the harness for the perfect snug fit. Adjustable straps accommodate these fluctuations and prevent sliding, rubbing, or an improper fit. 

Sturdy Leash Ring 

A sturdy leash ring provides an easy, secure attachment point for your leash. For pullers, our harnesses have an additional leash ring located on the chest instead of the back. Attaching the leash to this front-clip ring gently redirects your dog toward you when they pull, deterring the behavior. 


Reflective harnesses improve your dog’s visibility in low light conditions. Their ability to reflect light keeps them conspicuous at night, during storms, or on gray winter days. Our Everything Harness Mesh Series comes in a reflective colour for nighttime walks.

Enhanced visibility gives you peace of mind during night walks. The reflective elements also help you keep an eye on your adventurous pup.

Bringing It All Together 

As you search for weather-resistant dog harnesses, keep these key features in mind and choose options that fit your needs. Proper fit, visibility, comfort and control will ensure enjoyable walks in any weather. Prioritize adjustability, reflective accents, padding, and attachment points suitable for your dog’s size and style. 

With the right all-weather harness, you can adventure year-round with your dog! Brave the elements in confidence and comfort by selecting gear with the ideal blend of safety, durability, and performance. Your dog will stay happy, secure and comfortable alongside you in rain, snow, sleet or hail. The added peace of mind is well worth the investment. 

Fitting and Training Tips 

Properly introducing your dog to a new harness is vital for comfortable walks. Check the fit routinely as your dog's shape evolves. Snugly adjust straps without sliding or rubbing. You should be able to insert two fingers between strap and dog. Mark settings for easy future adjustment. 

Start indoor harness training slowly, letting your dog sniff and acclimate to wearing it. Pair treats and praise to build positive associations. Practice short indoor walks first, then gradually work up to longer outdoor sessions. Be especially patient with puppies and don't progress too quickly. The harness should cue fun adventures! 

Safety Tips for Wet Weather Walks 

While weather-resistant harnesses like the Waterproof Harness, or Water-Resistant Harness provide good protection against the elements, there are still important safety precautions to take when walking your small dog in rainy, snowy, or cold conditions. 

Always bring a towel on wet weather walks. When you return home, dry your dog off before removing the harness. Pay extra attention to paws, belly, chest and anywhere the harness sits. Wet fur can become matted or damaged. Wiping down with a towel prevents your dog from licking off irritants or dirt from their fur before bathing. 

Be prepared to help your dog navigate obstacles like deep puddles, thick mud patches and slippery ice. Small dogs can easily get stuck, lose their footing or become frightened. Placing boots on your dog’s paws during icy walks can help protect their paws. Our Soft Shield Boots are a great way to keep your pups paws warm on winter walks.

For heavy downpours or frigid temperatures, add an additional rain jacket or coat over your dog's harness. The extra water protection minimizes shivering and discomfort. Our Torrential Tracker, or Complete Coverage Raincoat come with harness slits to allow for the coat to be worn over a harness.

Staying alert to changing conditions and your dog's behavior will keep your small pup safe and comfortable walking even in miserable weather! Don't be afraid to cut walks short if needed. With the proper gear and precautions, your dog can enjoy the outdoors year-round. 

From rain showers to snowstorms, weather-resistant dog harnesses keep small pups comfortable and secure. Choose a properly fitted harness in durable, waterproof or water-resistant materials. Size correctly using your dog's unique measurements. Prioritize adjustable straps, padded chest plates, strong leash rings and reflective accents. Take time to positively train your dog to enjoy wearing their harness. Maintain its weather-resistance by washing and drying thoroughly. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What's the best harness for a dog who pulls? 

Harnesses with a front-clip ring work best for pullers. The front ring redirects dogs towards you when they pull. Check out the Complete Control Harness for heavy pullers.

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