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A Guide to Pug Clothing for Every Season

By Canada Pooch on Nov 21, 2022

Seasonal weather changes require wardrobe adjustments to match. When it comes to dressing your Pug (or any brachycephalic breed), there are special considerations to be made. Due to their small size and thin coats, Pugs are sensitive to winter cold and likely benefit from a few warmer layers. Meanwhile, their cute flat faces make them more susceptible to the heat in the summer. 

The good news is Canada Pooch has adorable, functional clothing options to keep your Pug, Frenchie, Boston Terrier; or any barrel-chested or brachycephalic breed comfortable all year long! 

Fit Considerations for Pug Clothes

Finding the right fit is key to having your dog tolerate wearing clothes. When it comes to dressing your dog, their barrel chest, petite frame, and short back can often make it challenging to fit into standard dog apparel. 

At Canada Pooch, we invest a lot of time in fit-testing our products on real dogs. We are determined to make clothing that is not only cute but fully functional and well-fitting. That’s why we’ve introduced a size called 14+, designed with petite, barrel-chested dogs (like Frenchies!) in mind. 

The clothing items highlighted in this guide have been carefully selected with these breeds in mind. Many of the items mentioned below are available in the 14+ size, and any that aren’t can still fit your Pug based off of their measurements. If you have any questions about selecting the right size for your dog, don’t hesitate to contact one of our fit specialists for assistance.


Pug Fall Staples 

Cooler weather and a higher chance of precipitation mean that warm, water-resistant layers are essential for Fall. Your Pug’s thin coat can leave them vulnerable to chills on windy, rainy, or brisk days, so it may be a good idea to dress them in some stylist Pug outfits for Fall. 

Sweaters for Pugs are a great item to have on hand for chilly autumn days and after the sun goes down. The Cool Factor Hoodie is made from soft teddy bear fleece and has a stretch knit jersey lining for a cozy fit. This  Pug-friendly sweatshirt  has an easy-on pullover design and a stylish half-zip at the front, which will help accommodate your Pug’s broad chest. The hoodie comes in adorable colorways: red plaid, pink purple, and black grey. There’s even a human version of the hoodie available in black grey, so you and your pup can match! 

The Shacket is another essential autumn wardrobe staple, especially if you want your Pug staying on-trend! This classic dog flannel shirt jacket has a warm fleece lining and a cozy hood to keep your Pug comfortable in the cold. It has a stretchy panel on the belly to accommodate rounder dogs, and it comes in blue or pink plaid. 

Water-resistant apparel will help keep your Pug from catching a chill on drizzly fall days. The Thermal Tech Fleece is a dog vest designed with an innovative thermal lining that reflects your dog’s body heat to keep them cozy. The exterior is made from water-resistant fleece to offer protection from rain and drizzle. The vest pulls on over your dog’s head and features a half zip closure and a stretchy chest panel that will help accommodate broader chests and thicker necks. The vest is available in three stylish patterns: red plaid, pink plaid, and green camo. 

A puffer vest is a classic staple in any fall wardrobe, and the Ultimate Stretch Vest is a great option for your dog! Made from water-resistant 4-way stretch fabric, the vest is sure to fit your Pug’s chest while offering protection from wind and rain. It comes in red, pink, or black and is available in 13 sizes, including 14+. 

Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Winter weather can be punishing for your Pug if they don’t have the right gear. Because they are small and don’t have undercoats, Pugs are quite sensitive to cold weather, and getting wet will only amplify cold. Insulated, water-resistant outerwear is the best way to keep your pup warm and dry during the season of rain, slush, snow, and ice.

The Alaskan Army Parka is a chic and functional winter jacket that will keep your pup nice and cozy while strutting their stuff at the dog park! This parka offers great protection from wind and precipitation with a water-resistant exterior, sherpa lining, and faux-down insulation. The dual velcro chest closure helps to keep cold air out, and it’s available in size 14+, making it a very Pug-friendly style.  

Pugs with a more intrepid lifestyle will love the stylish True North Parka, which comes in 4 colour block designs, including reflective grey, pink, red, and yellow! It has a water-resist exterior and a cozy fleece lining, making it one of our warmest dog jackets. It even has a faux-fur-trimmed hood for extra warmth! It’s available in size 14+ too! 

The Waterproof Puffer is a fashionable and practical outer layer for milder winter climates. It features a waterproof shell with heat-sealed quilted fabric and faux-down insulation. The dual velcro chest closure and a toggle on the hem of the jacket help keep cold air out. The warmth rating isn’t as high as the other two parkas mentioned above, but this puffer is a fantastic option for rainy winter climates. It comes in black, taupe, and purple and is available in size 14+! 

Any of these winter jackets can be paired with the Soft Shield Boots for additional warmth and protection from cold surfaces and harmful snow removal chemicals! 

Spring Pug Clothing Styles

Spring showers can be chilly for small dogs, and some may even refuse to walk when it’s rainy! If your Pug fits this description, rainwear might be the key to coaxing them outside for rainy day trips to the park. These jackets were designed to keep your pup warm and dry without restricting their range of motion, so they can still live their best life at the dog park!

The Slush Suit is a true spring must-have. It offers full-body protection from rain and mud and can be layered with other dog sweaters for additional warmth on cold days. As the weather gets warmer, it serves as a water-resistant shell that keeps your pup warm and, as a bonus, clean! 

If a traditional raincoat is more your dog’s style, the Torrential Tracker is the perfect option. This Pug coat  is a water-resistant shell with full-body coverage and sizes 8 through 16 come with sleeves for additional protection. It comes in three vibrant colours (yellow, pink, and rainbow), and has reflective trim for added visibility. 

For Pugs who want to flaunt their personality, the Pick Me Poncho is an awesome lightweight, water-resistant dog poncho for spring days. It slips over your pup’s head and fastens around the belly with a velcro closure. It’s available in 7 playful prints, including rubber ducks, frogs, and tie dye! Because it’s so lightweight, this poncho is ideal for days with scattered showers or a chance of drizzle. 

Summer Clothing  for Pugs

 Chill Seeker Cooling Harness, Chill Seeker Cooling VestCooling Bandana

Clothing for Pugs doesn’t stop with the cold weather – they may not have thick coats, but Pugs are still prone to overheating during hot weather. Their adorable short snouts make it harder for them to take in enough air to cool themselves effectively. With this in mind, cooling dog clothing is a must-have addition to your Pug’s summer attire. 

Cooling clothing and accessories use the evaporation cooling effect to keep your pup comfortable on hot days. They are made from water-retaining fabric with mesh layers to promote air circulation. Just wet the garment with water to activate the cooling effect, and continue re-wetting as needed.  

The Chill Seeker Cooling Vest is one of our most popular dog cooling garments. It slips over the dog’s head and has adjustable chest closures to ensure a snug fit. These adjustable straps make it easy to accommodate a Pug’s broad chest! The vest comes in six playful prints, so it’s just a matter of choosing which best matches your dog’s personality! 

The Chill Seeker Cooling Harness is another useful cooling product for summer days. This harness fits much like the vest but pulls double-duty as a functional harness. It features D-ring leash attachments on the chest and back, enabling you to choose whichever works best for handling your dog! 

For additional heat relief, pair either of these items with a Cooling Bandana and Hot Pavement Boots to protect your pup’s paws from hot concrete. 

The Bottom Line

Choosing functional attire can go a long way in ensuring your dog is comfortable in any weather. That way, your pup can carry on with their exercise routine and their social life even in less-than-ideal conditions. 

When shopping for Pug clothing, keep an eye out for items that accommodate your dog’s unique shape. Because they typically have broader chests and thicker necks than other dogs with such petite frames, finding the right fit may take more effort. Items that fasten around the belly or have elastic chest panels will likely fit best. Canada Pooch strives to create dog clothing that accommodates all body sizes, so you should have no problem finding the best clothes for Pugs. Don’t hesitate to contact one of our fit experts to find the perfect size for your Pug as you shop!
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