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Small Dog Harnesses for Active Dogs: Gear Up for Adventure

By Canada Pooch on Sep 27, 2023

Are you a proud owner of an active small dog? Do you love going on adventures together, exploring the great outdoors? If so, it's crucial to invest in a high-quality harness that caters to the specific needs of your pup. In this article, we'll delve into the world of small dog harnesses, discussing their importance and health benefits. We'll also guide you on how to choose the right harness for your small pup’s adventures and provide tips on harness fitting and maintenance. Gear up and get ready to embark on exciting adventures with your active small dog! 

The Importance of Harnesses for Active Small Dogs 

When it comes to gearing up for outdoor adventures with your small dog, one thing to never underestimate is the importance of a good dog harness. Proper harnesses designed for small, active dogs provide essential benefits that a regular collar simply cannot offer. 

Why Small Dogs Need Harnesses on Their Adventures 

Small dog harnesses provide more control during walks or hikes, with the added advantage of distributing pressure over a wider area, protecting your little companion's delicate throat and neck. The chest and shoulder straps on a harness disperse pressure and pull force across the stronger chest and shoulder muscles rather than concentrating it all on the vulnerable neck area. 

This makes it much safer and more comfortable for a small dog to explore new sights and smells while on a leash without the hazards of regular collars, which can constrict their airways. The even distribution of pressure enabled by a properly fitted harness gives you enhanced directional control over your energetic explorer while preventing damage to their windpipe. 

Harnesses also reduce strain on small dogs' spines and backs when they inevitably hit the end of the leash at full speed. A harness absorbs force across the chest rather than wrenching the neck, protecting delicate vertebrae. 

Don't Skip the Harness for Your Small Adventurer 

For small, energetic dogs, harnesses provide a safer, healthier option over regular collars without restricting fun. Do your little explorer a favour by equipping them with a high-quality harness designed for ultimate comfort and safety. It could make all the difference in keeping your pup happy and healthy for years of adventures to come. Check out our line of harnesses for small dogs at Canada Pooch.

Choosing the Right Dog Harness for Your Small Pup’s Adventures 

Before we venture on any expedition, the right gear ensures our safety and comfort. The same goes for our small dogs when they accompany us on their adventure walks or runs. Choosing the right small dog harness can contribute significantly towards the perfect outdoor experience with your dog. 

Features to Consider When Shopping for a Small Dog Harness: 

When you have an energetic small dog, finding a harness that keeps up with their active lifestyle is key. The right harness keeps your pup safe and comfortable during all of your adventures together. As a small dog owner, consider these key features when choosing a harness for your petite pooch. 

Adjustability for Customized Fit 

All of our harnesses have adjustable straps on the chest and belly so you can customize the fit to your dog’s unique body shape. The ability to precisely adjust the harness ensures proper snugness without restricting your dog’s movement. Sliding straps allow you to loosen or tighten specific areas as needed to follow their contour. Test the adjustability by putting the harness on your dog at its loosest setting, then slowly making micro adjustments for the best fit. Getting the perfect customized fit reduces the risk of your wiggly pup slipping out during activity. 

Padding Prevents Chafing 

Our small dog harness comes with ample padding on the chest and belly for maximum comfort, especially if your dog has short fur or delicate skin. The padding prevents the harness straps from causing chafing when your dog is active. Thick cushioning on the chest panel also protects from strain if your dog tends to pull on a leash. Your small dog will appreciate padded touchpoints during long days of adventure. 

Mesh for Cooling Breathability 

During intense activity outside, overheating is a real concern for your petite pup. Prevent this by choosing a harness with mesh panelling for maximum breathability. The Everything Harness Mesh Series is a great harness for breathability. Mesh materials allow air to circulate and heat to escape, keeping your dog cool on hot summer walks. The cooling airflow the mesh provides can make all the difference in your small dog's comfort and endurance during activities on sweltering days. 

Freedom of Movement in Design 

No dog likes feeling restricted, so ensure your small dog's harness allows for their natural range of motion. The straps should flex along with your dog's body movements instead of limiting them. Test the mobility by having your dog walk, sit, run, and lie down while wearing the harness. They should be able to complete all movements without resistance. 

Deterring Pulling with Front Clip 

Does your small but mighty dog tend to pull during leashed walks? A front clip harness can curb this behavior by gently turning your dog back towards you if they try to pull forward. This steer-back design uses their momentum against them for a self-correcting effect. Unlike collars, a front clip harness redistributes force to the chest instead of the neck. This lets your energetic pup move comfortably but deters hazardous pulling. All of our small dog harnesses come with a front and back clip d-ring.

Outdoor Visibility with Reflectivity 

Small dogs can easily go unseen during dusk or nighttime outings. Boost their visibility after dark by looking for a harness with reflective details. Reflective bands are also useful for times when trails lead through dense brush. They allow you to spot your mini explorer even in dim light. The added visibility helps keep pups safe when their petite stature makes them harder to see. 

The Perfect Fit for Water Fun 

Does your energetic small dog love splashing and swimming? Invest in a waterproof harness for total safety. Adjust the straps to ensure a snug fit. D-rings let you securely attach a leash so your dog never accidentally wriggles out of their harness while splashing in the water.

With the right harness, your pup can take on any activity in comfort and safety. Keep these tips in mind, and you’re sure to find the perfect fit! Let the adventures begin! 

Harness Fitting and Sizing Guide for Small Dogs 

Finding the right size harness ensures that your small dog is secure, comfortable and doesn’t escape from the harness when out and about. Here are some tips: 

Training to help you in this regard. Measuring your dog’s neck and chest dimensions is the first step. You can use any loose tape measure for this and compare the measurements with the size chart provided in our size guide. Ensuring that your small dog's harness fits properly is crucial for their safety and comfort during walks and outdoor adventures. A well-fitted harness allows you to maintain control over your dog without causing any harm or discomfort. Here are some essential steps to make sure your small dog's harness fits properly. 

Measure your Dog's Size 

Before purchasing a harness, accurately measure your dog's chest girth and neck circumference. Our harnesses are sized based on these measurements to ensure a snug and secure fit. Use a tape measure or a piece of string and then measure it against a ruler. This measurement will guide you in selecting the right size harness for your pup. 

Adjust the Straps 

Once you have chosen the appropriate harness for your small dog, adjust the straps accordingly to achieve a perfect fit. Start by loosening all the straps and slide the harness over your dog's head so that the chest piece rests comfortably on their chest. Ensure that the D-ring is positioned on your dog's back. Then, gradually tighten the straps to ensure a secure fit without causing any restriction or discomfort. You should be able to fit two fingers between your dog's skin and the straps to ensure it is not too tight. 

Check for Neck and Chest Fit 

The neck strap of the harness should sit at the base of your dog's neck, just behind the ears. It should be snug enough to prevent your dog from slipping out but should not be too tight to cause discomfort or restrict their movement. Ensure that the chest strap fits snugly across your dog's chest, allowing for free movement of their front legs without rubbing or chafing. 

Observe your Dog's Movement 

After you have adjusted the harness, observe your dog's movement to ensure it fits properly. Your dog should be able to walk, run, and move comfortably without any restrictions or discomfort. Pay attention to any signs of rubbing or chafing on their skin. If you notice any issues, readjust the straps accordingly to achieve a proper and comfortable fit. 

Regularly Check the Fit 

Your dog's size and weight can change over time, so it is important to regularly check the fit of their harness. As they grow or gain/lose weight, you may need to readjust the straps or consider purchasing a different-size harness. Additionally, monitor the harness for signs of wear and tear, as a damaged harness may not provide the necessary security. 

By following these steps, you can ensure that your small dog's harness fits properly, providing them with comfort and safety during their outdoor activities. Remember to periodically check the fit and make any necessary adjustments to maintain your dog's well-being. 

Finding the perfect harness for your active small dog is crucial for ensuring their comfort, safety and enjoyment during all your shared adventures. By considering key features like adjustability, padding, breathability, visibility, and durability, you can select a harness suited to your pup's unique needs. Be sure to properly measure and fit the harness and check it regularly as your dog's size changes. 

With the wide variety of harnesses available made specifically for small, energetic dogs, you're sure to find one that checks all the boxes. Your little trailblazer will thank you for investing in a harness that allows them to explore in security and comfort. Equipped with the right gear, you and your small dog are ready for endless memorable escapades in the great outdoors. The trails, beaches and parks await - so get out there and make the most of your adventures together! 

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