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The Best Large Dog Clothes For Every Season

By Canada Pooch on Aug 18, 2022
The Best Large Dog Clothes For Every Season

Changes in weather call for changes in your dog’s wardrobe. Discovering different clothing options designed specifically for each season will help you feel more at ease when spending time outdoors with your pup. From large dog hats, bandanas, and boots, to sweaters and large dog coats, dressing your pup  when the weather fluctuates will keep them feeling comfortable all year long!

Should Large Dogs Wear Clothes?

Clothing for your large dog will prove helpful in numerous weather conditions, especially in extreme cold and heat. In the winter months, large single-coated dogs don’t have the additional warmth of a soft undercoat, making them more vulnerable to the cold. A few dog breeds that have single coats include Greyhounds, Boxers, and Great Danes. In the summer, large double-coated dogs are at risk of overheating due to extra insulation. These double-coated breeds include Siberian Huskies, Golden Retrievers, and Samoyeds.The sun’s rays also pose a threat to large dogs with dark coats who absorb heat much faster than their lighter-coated friends.

If you’re hoping to outfit your large dog with a functional and stylish wardrobe best suitable for their size and type of fur, look no further. Here are our top large dog clothes for each season! 


Playing fetch in the park, making a splash at the pool, or chasing sunsets at the beach are all fun activities for you and your dog to enjoy this season. With more time spent outdoors, it is important to keep your pup protected when temperatures soar. The following large dog clothes for summer provide the perfect protection for your pup from heat, UV rays, and hot pavement.

Canada Pooch has various cooling products to choose from; however the Cooling Vest, Cooling Bandana, and Cooling Hat make excellent options for keeping large dogs cool on hot days. These summer essentials have mesh layers of water-retaining fabric designed to promote air circulation and an evaporative cooling effect. The best part is that all Canada Pooch’s products are free from chemical coolants, making them safe for your pup. Wear all three pieces together for a complete summer look that maximizes the cooling effect! For more options, check out Canada Pooch’s entire collection of cooling gear.

Sunburns are not solely reserved for humans. Large dogs breeds with thin coats are vulnerable to the sun’s powerful UV rays making it important to protect their skin from overexposure. Canada Pooch’s lightweight Sun Shield Tee acts as a thin layer to protect your dog with UPF 50+ and comes in multiple sizes so your large dog can find their perfect fit. Large dogs with darker coats absorb heat faster in the sun and also have a higher risk of sunburn, so adding a sun shirt to your dog’s summer lineup is a must.

Don’t forget your pup’s paws! When it comes to keeping dogs cool, their paws are one of the most important parts to keep protected. Canada Pooch’s Hot Pavement Boots protect your dog’s paws from burning while walking on hot surfaces. No need to wonder, these boots actually stay on. Prepare to enjoy longer summer walks.

Going for a swim is a fun way to cool off in the heat, but your dog’s safety is always top priority. Large dogs can be a mix of confident and nervous swimmers so Canada Pooch offers two styles of life jackets to assist dogs with different comfort and experience levels. For dogs who are great swimmers, the High Tide Life Jacket has a secure, yet stretchy fit for added mobility in the water. If your pup is less experienced, the Wave Rider Life Jacket offers a secure and fully adjustable fit for support and to fit your large dog comfortably. Both options come equipped with a top handle and d-ring leash attachment for additional control near the water so you can worry less and make more great memories with your pup.

After splashing around in a Canada Pooch life jacket, change your dog into the Beach Bum Towel Hoodie which is an ultra soft Terry Cloth hoodie that doubles as an absorbent towel. This travel-friendly garment is a game changer for keeping your large dog comfortable post-swim. It is excellent for drying behind their ears thanks to the hood. Drying off your pup can be cute and convenient with this 2-in-1 garment!


As temperatures begin to drop, light layers and protective shells can keep your large dog feeling comfortable this season. Rainy and windy fall days are sure to chill your dog, especially those with thin or single coats. Finding the right clothes for large dogs during this transitional season is key to keeping your dog cozy without sacrificing style.

Hoodies are great items to have in your dog’s lineup this season for all things cozy and comfort out in the crisp air. The Cool Factor Hoodie is made of soft teddy bear fleece that feels like a warm hug on a cool day. The material also allows for a stretchy and comfy fit, especially for large dogs. Matching with your dog is now made possible with an adult size of this style, too!

A large dog hoodie with a water-repellent exterior is convenient when the weather can’t seem to make up its mind. Canada Pooch’s Whatever the Weather Hoodie has a fleece lining that adds the right amount of warmth to make this large dog sweater an optimal piece for transitional weather. Available in various prints so your dog can be a trendsetter.

Chilly wet weather can cut through a large dog’s coat and make them cold quick. To protect your dog from wind, rain, and brisk breezes, the Cold Front Raincoat is a versatile and waterproof outerwear piece thoughtfully designed with both function and style in mind. This large dog raincoat covers your dog’s belly and has a funnel neck and hood for additional protection. A fleece lining ensures your pup feels warm and toasty.

Turn heads with a glossy vest that is sure to keep your dog warm on the coldest of days. A fashion-forward statement, the Shiny Puffer Vest will earn your pup extra style points on the street. The exterior of the vest is water-resistant so your large dog is ready for drizzles while looking their best.

Love the Fall weather but hate the rain and mud that come with it? Consider a dog onesie that covers your pup’s full body and keeps their fur clean and dry. Canada Pooch’s Slush Suit is easy to put on and has multiple adjustment settings to ensure the best fit and maximum comfort and coverage for your large dog. 


Known for messy mixed precipitation, snow and ice, winter brings weather that can become uncomfortable for your large dog quickly if they are not wearing proper protective clothing. Don’t let the elements keep you and your dog from playing in the snow, going on a winter walk, or even adventuring on a winter excursion. Having the right clothes for large dogs will keep them warm and cozy in the cold weather.

Think Slush Suit but insulated. A large dog Snow Suit for your pup works great to protect them from snow and slush on stormy and icy days. The thermal foil lining helps your dog stay warm so they can actually go outside during these frigid months.

Retaining your dog’s body heat is important in the winter so considering a coat that has a thermal lining is recommended this season. The Expedition Coat 2.0 has a highly adjustable fit with a stretchy elastic belly panel which fits large dogs perfectly. Barrel chested dogs will love this style and finally feel comfortable wearing a coat. Find it difficult to find a size that fits your larger dog? Canada Pooch now has an extended size range available in this style! 

Get your dog winter-ready with a warm fleece-lined and insulated jacket. Canada Pooch’s Everest Explorer Jacket checks all the boxes when it comes to comfort, style, and protection for large dogs.

Extra cold days call for a dog parka. Ultimate warmth for your pup can be achieved when wearing the True North Parka which features an elevated design that will help your pup stand out from the pack. For more options, check out Canada Pooch’s entire collection of jackets and parkas.

Slush, ice, salt, and snow make for wet winter walks. Canada Pooch’s Soft Shield Boots protect your dog’s paws from the elements so your dog can avoid discomfort when walking on cold and messy sidewalks. They come in all sizes to fit your large dog’s feet perfectly. No more worrying about bringing unwanted snow back into the house or your dog’s paws drying out from the salt! 


Days start to get longer and temperatures start to get warmer once again. A season of new beginnings brings unpredictable weather that you and your pup should be prepared for. Whether it's a gloomy, cool day or even an unexpected sun shower, your pup’s spring wardrobe should be versatile and ready to go with many different large dog outfits. Having a collection of spring essentials will keep your large dog ready for anything this season throws their way!

Not everyone likes rain days and that’s okay. When Spring showers roll around, wearing a stylish dog raincoat will keep your pup dry. Available in 3 vivid colourways (pink, yellow, and rainbow), the Torrential Tracker Raincoat is sure to cheer your large dog up on a rainy day. Dogs wearing hats is easily one of the cutest sights but it also serves a functional purpose. Between keeping your dog’s head dry and brightening up a gloomy day, the Torrential Tracker Rain Hat can be paired with the raincoat for an adorable matching moment. It is the perfect rainy day accessory that comes in an extended size specially for large dogs. 

For a full coverage raincoat experience for your large dog, opt for the Complete Coverage Raincoat. Designed for wet adventures, this raincoat is packable, reflective, and water-repellent. The rain won’t stop your pup when wearing this outerwear staple! This raincoat offers a comfortable, stretchy fit with an extended size range for even the largest of dogs.

Adding color to your dog’s wardrobe is a fun way to show off their unique personality and what better season to do it than Spring! Canada Pooch’s Pastel Party Sweater is a playful transitional piece for those pups who love an ultra soft touch. 

For everyday comfort and style, having a go-to tee this season is ideal. Lightweight, breathable, and easy to throw on, your dog will feel comfortable while looking cute in the Follow Me Tee. A new season means new patterns and this tee comes in 7 vivid prints designed with various pup personalities in mind. For those pups who like to make a statement, your dog can surprise their pals with a special edition UV Reveal Tie Dye Smiley colourway that changes color in the sun! 

The Bottom Line

Understanding your dog’s comfort levels outdoors is key in determining the best clothes for large dogs. If you are wondering if large dogs should wear clothes, consider that they come in various shapes and sizes with different fur so finding thoughtfully designed clothing that suits their needs and individual personalities is necessary for them to continue enjoying their usual routines regardless of the weather.

When shopping for large dog clothes, consider your dog’s unique build and learn how to take accurate measurements of your pup which will help you decide on the perfect fit. Clothing should always make your dog feel comfortable, never too loose or too tight. Canada Pooch strives to create dog clothing that accommodates all body sizes. Don’t hesitate to contact one of our fit experts to find the perfect size for your large dog as you shop!

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