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Picking the Right Type of Dog Harness

By Canada Pooch on Nov 21, 2022

A dog harness is a fantastic addition to your dog walking gear. The best dog harness is one that is  well-fitted, comfortable for your dog to wear, and  easy for you to control your dog on a leash. Dog harnesses  also reduce strain on your dog’s neck and trachea (which is especially beneficial for dogs who tend to pull), and some even have features that help deter your dog from pulling on the leash.

Canada Pooch is dedicated to designing and testing the best dog harnesses that will work for  all shapes and sizes. After several rounds of research and fit testing, we’ve released incredible dog harnesses that we are proud of, and we’re sure you and your pup will love them too!

If you’re thinking about adding a dog harness to your dog walking repertoire or upgrading your current dog harness, this guide will help you understand the benefits of harnesses and how to determine which is the best dog harness for your pup .

Benefits of Dog Harnesses

One of the biggest benefits of dog harnesses is that they are difficult for dogs to slip out of. This is particularly helpful for puppies who may be inclined to wriggle free of a collar as well as dogs with slim heads, such as Greyhounds, Whippets, and Borzois. With a well-fitted harness for small dogs, you don’t have to worry about your dog slipping free while out on a walk. You can confidently walk your pup knowing they’re safely under your control! 

Harnesses enable you to direct your dog easily on walks without worrying about putting unnecessary strain on their neck and throat. Plus, using a leash attachment point on the chest of the harness can even help discourage your dog from pulling. 

Some types of dog harnesses even double as a garment by offering cooling properties (in the case of the Chill Seeker Cooling Harness) or a water-resistant exterior to help your pup stay dry. 

If your dog relies on cozy outerwear during the winter, rest assured that we’ve thought of that too! Most Canada Pooch dog apparel features leash attachment slits in the back of the garment, making it easy and comfortable for dogs to wear harnesses underneath their clothing. In some instances, harnesses can be worn overtop of outerwear (though the fit will need to be adjusted carefully) to provide the ultimate control while ensuring your pup remains toasty during cold weather.  

Most Comfortable Dog Harness: The Everything Harness

With a sturdy but lightweight design, the Everything Harness is fantastic for dogs of any size. It is one of the most comfortable dog harnesses, featuring a breathable mesh exterior.

This  dog harness for walks has two D-ring leash attachments: one on the back and another on the chest, which works to help discourage your dog from pulling on the leash. A functional assistance handle on the back of the harness makes it easy to hold your dog close or help grab them when needed. This handle also doubles as a seat belt loop to help keep your pup secure during car rides!

Thanks to adjustable straps that buckle around your dog’s neck and girth, it’s easy to adjust the Everything Harness to fit your dog’s unique shape. Then the flexible mesh of the harness will conform to your dog’s body to create a snug and comfortable fit.

The Everything Harness comes in five colors, including Reflective, which offers excellent visibility in low-light conditions, Black, Orange, Pink, and Red. It is available in sizes Small through Extra-Large and will fit most dogs. 

Best Dog Harness for Walks: The Complete Control Harness

If you have a large dog or a feisty pup that loves to pull on the leash, allow us to introduce the Complete Control Harness. This dog harness for walks has an innovative no-pull design that ensures ultimate control for you and comfort for your dog. 

To discourage your dog from pulling, use the D-ring attachment point on the front of the harness. When your dog pulls, the tension from the leash across their chest will gently guide them back to your side, where you can reward them when you feel slack in the leash! 

This dog harness for walking features  an alternate D-ring leash attachment point on the back of the harness works well to keep the leash out of your dog’s way while still enabling you to guide them effectively. Use this attachment point once your pup graduates from pulling on the leash. 

The harness also has an easy-to-grab assistance handle on the back which is great for keeping your dog right at your side in crowded situations. It also comes in handy for helping your pup scramble over logs or boulders when hiking. 

The Complete Control Harness is a heavy duty and strong harness for heavy pullers, making it an excellent dog harness  for larger breeds (though it will work for dogs of all sizes). The thick nylon straps and sturdy buckles and hardware ensure this harness can withstand heavy pulling and rough wear– it’s an excellent option for intrepid explorers or training dogs and excited puppies! It’s also easy to clean– just wipe off dirt and pet hair after use. 

With soft neoprene padding on the chest and back, this harness will feel like a secure hug for your dog! Sliding straps on the neck, chest, and belly make it easy to customize the fit to suit your dog’s unique shape, ensuring the harness is comfortable and stays in place during walks. The harness is available in sizes Small through Extra-Extra-Large and will fit most dogs - even Great Danes. 

Complete your dog’s ensemble by pairing the Complete Control Harness with the extra strength Utility Leash and the Handsfree Dog Walking Belt for when you need the option of going handsfree.

The Bottom Line

Still wondering how to choose a dog harness? Just remember, when it comes to selecting the right harness for your dog, fit is one of the most important considerations. An ill-fitting harness can be cumbersome and uncomfortable for your dog. But even a well-fitting harness might require a brief adjustment period before your dog feels totally at ease wearing it. Canada Pooch offers a variety of dog harness sizes, and to help, we created a complete guide to finding the right fit and helping your dog adapt to wearing a harness. 

Click here to browse our complete collection of dog harnesses!

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