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Unleash the Fun: Canada Pooch Joins Peloton for Pet-Friendly Fitness

By Tina Fawcett on Jun 13, 2024
Unleash the Fun: Canada Pooch Joins Peloton for Pet-Friendly Fitness

As the weather warms up, it's the perfect time to take our fitness routines outside. And who better to join us on our wellness journey than our furry friends? At Canada Pooch, we’re thrilled to share our collaboration with Peloton to launch the Pet-Friendly Fitness Collection. This curated collection invites pets to be a part of your fitness routine, bringing joy and health benefits to both you and your four-legged family members.


Embracing the Pet-Friendly Fitness Trend

Peloton’s recent spring installment of The Peloton Report revealed that over 70% of Americans consider walking their pets a workout. Recognizing the importance of involving pets in fitness routines, Peloton has introduced the Pet-Friendly Fitness Collection. This initiative encourages pet parents to include their pets in their workouts rather than shooing them away.


Canada Pooch x Peloton: The Perfect Partnership

We at Canada Pooch are excited to partner with Peloton to support their initiative with a limited-edition collection of co-branded accessories designed to keep your pups cool and refreshed during summer workouts. Our collection includes:

Cooling Bandanas: Made with a special fabric that retains water, providing a cooling sensation to keep pets comfortable.

Waterproof Leashes: Featuring a coated webbing for easy cleaning and odor resistance, these leashes are perfect for any adventure.


The Pet-Friendly Fitness Collection

Just in time for National Pet Appreciation Week, Peloton’s Pet-Friendly Fitness Collection includes a variety of on-demand outdoor and floor classes that are pet-friendly. These classes are led by pet parent instructors, such as Andy Speer, Nico Sarani, and Jess Sims. The collection features:

10-Minute Meditation: A calming session perfect for unwinding with your pet.

15-Minute Outdoor Run: An invigorating run that keeps both you and your dog active.

10-Minute Body Strength Training: Quick and effective exercises that you can enjoy with your furry friend by your side.


At Canada Pooch, we’re passionate about enhancing the lives of pets and their owners. We’re excited to join forces with Peloton to support an active and healthy lifestyle and we can't wait for you and your furry friends to join in on the fun!

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