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The Dog Slush Suit and Dog Snowsuit have the same fit and are both water-resistant, but the Snow Suit has some faux-down and a thermal lining to add warmth and keep body heat in. The Slush Suit is a great protective suit for dogs in moderate weather or for pups who don’t need extra warmth in the winter! 

Putting a full-body dog suit on can be tricky, especially if they don't like to stay still! There are multiple methods to get a dog Snow Suit or Slush Suit on your pup, but you can begin with the following steps: 

  • Guide the front legs into the suit 
  • Use the snaps on the top front of the suit to keep the front sleeves on 
  • Guide the back legs into the suit
  • Use the snaps at the back of the suit to keep the back legs in place
  • Zip up the suit 
  • Adjust the drawstring at the neck to keep your pup warm and cozy

Getting your pup used to wearing a full-body dog suit typically starts with introducing it indoors along with a treat, using positive association! It can take a few tries to adjust to the new gear and some pups may not want to walk in the suit the first time they try it on. Using treats to encourage them to take a few steps and gradually work up to longer distances can help! It is important to ensure that the fit is right for them to ensure that they are comfortable and have a full range of motion! 

Measuring your dog is the most accurate way to ensure the right fit! The measurements we use are the chest girth (around the widest part of the chest) and the back length (from the collar to the base of the tail). In an ideal fit, the dog suit ends at the base of the tail and is not gaping in the chest, but it's okay for the suit to be a few inches short of the tail as long as your pup has a full range of motion. If your pup's measurements don't fit into one size, we recommend prioritizing the fit in the chest to ensure they're comfortable and to avoid accidents! Our dog slush suits and dog snowsuits come in multiple sizes so you can find the perfect fit.

The Snow Suit typically provides enough warmth for most pups, even in colder climates. Because it is a full-body dog snowsuit with legs, it keeps your dog toasty! If you are in extreme cold or your pup is particularly sensitive to the cold, they may benefit from layering with other warm dog clothes, like our Thermal Layer Onesie! While full-body dog suit styles provide the most coverage, some of our parkas provide more warmth and can be paired with full-coverage knits. 

While we don’t have temperature ratings for our coats, you can reference our warmth icons to find the right level of protection for your pup, making the best dog snowsuit with each component available.

The Slush Suit is water-resistant and will keep your pup dry in light rain! It is also great for protecting their coat from mud and slush and prevents snowballs from forming in the hair in winter for easier clean-up. If you are experiencing heavier rain, our waterproof dog coats will provide more heavy-duty rain protection, while a waterproof dog snowsuit may require more layering depending on weather conditions.