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Best Transitional Clothes to Take Your Dog From Fall to Winter

By Canada Pooch on Oct 4, 2022
Best Transitional Clothes to Take Your Dog From Fall to Winter

Fall and winter weather can bring anything from sunshine to torrential rain, icy cold conditions, or even snow. Since your daily walks and visits to the dog park are just as important for your dog’s mental health as they are for their physical health, skipping them wouldn’t be fair. But it also wouldn’t be fair to force them outdoors when the weather is bitterly cold or wet.  

At What Temperature Does a Dog Need a Coat?

Many dog parents wonder when they should put a coat on their dog, or if it is even necessary. The truth is that even dogs with thick coats can get hypothermia or frostbite in freezing weather. If the temperature is around 40 degrees Fahrenheit, or 4.4 degrees Celsius or lower, it's definitely time to invest in dog cold weather gear.

Fortunately, there are all kinds of cozy winter and fall dog clothes available to ensure they are comfortable on their walks no matter what the weather is doing.  

Stocking your pup’s wardrobe with warm layers, water-resistant outerwear, and apparel that you can layer will ensure they are prepared for anything as the season transitions from fall to winter. 

The Whatever the Weather Hoodie

When it comes to fall dog clothes, a must-have is a comfy outdoor hoodie. Perfect for those mild fall days when you can’t quite predict what the weather will do, the Whatever the Weather Hoodie is an adorable fall staple that will keep your pup warm and dry. It features a repellant exterior that will protect your pup in the event of an unexpected rain shower. Meanwhile, the brushed fleece lining will ensure your dog remains cozy and comfortable on cold days. 

The hoodie easily pulls over your pup’s head and features a slit for a leash attachment on the back of the neck. It comes in fun patterns, to help your pup stand out from the pack! The floral pattern offers excellent visibility on grey days. 

The Whatever the Weather Hoodie comes in sizes 8 through 28, making it a great option for dogs of all shapes and sizes. 

Thermal Tech Fleece

Our fall dog apparel collection wouldn’t be complete without a fashionable fleece. The stylish Thermal Tech Fleece is a lightweight, warm layer that is perfect for the fluctuating temperatures of fall and winter. It uses an innovative thermal lining to reflect your dog’s body heat and keep them comfortable, even on chilly days. Plus, the water-resistant fleece exterior will wick off raindrops on drizzly days. 

The fleece slips on over your dog’s head and features a front half zip which can be closed for added warmth or worn unzipped to allow air circulation. The ribbed chest panel helps this fleece accommodate dogs of all body types, and it comes in sizes 8 through 28 to fit pups of all sizes. It features a zippered harness slit so you can comfortably pair the sweater with either a harness or a collar and still attach a leash. 

The Thermal Tech Fleece is sleeveless, making it a comfortable, versatile option for days when the weather is tough to predict. It’s a fantastic option for dogs with thin coats who need extra warmth during cold weather. The fleece comes in two eye-catching patterns, red plaid and green camo.  

Expedition Coat 2.0

The Expedition Coat 2.0 is the perfect transitional piece for fall to winter. Not only does it feature a water-resistant exterior layer, but its thermal lining helps retain your dog’s body heat when out and about in cold weather. Plus, this dog fall jacket features reflective elements that provide excellent visibility as the days get shorter and shorter. 

The Expedition Coat 2.0 comes in three colours, Pink Reflective Camo, Red Plaid, and Black Reflective Camo, so there are options to suit every personality type! The sleeveless design ensures your pup can move around freely while wearing the coat. Meanwhile, having full coverage on the back and chest will help keep your dog clean and dry.   

This garment’s extended size range (8 through 36) and elastic stretch belly panel ensures it will fit any dog comfortably, even barrel-chested breeds like Rottweilers and English Bulldogs. The adjustable belly strap makes it easy to ensure the garment fits your pup snugly and will stay in place throughout their adventures. 

Cold Front Raincoat

The prospect of walking on cold, drizzly days will undoubtedly be more appealing with the Cold Front Raincoat on hand, one of our best dog jackets for fall. This full-coverage raincoat features a waterproof shell and a cozy fleece lining that ensures your pup will be comfortable even on cold, wet, and windy days. The coat has a full belly panel to keep your pup’s underside clean and dry, and the funnel neck and hood offer additional protection when the weather is particularly unpleasant. 

A zippered harness slit on the back means your pup can comfortably sport their harness underneath the coat while still enabling you to attach a leash. If the harness slit isn’t needed, zip it shut to keep your pup extra warm!

The Cold Front Raincoat comes in sizes 8 through 28, and sizes 8 through 16 have sleeves to offer additional protection for smaller dogs. The coat comes in two high-visible colours, orange and silver, making it a perfect wardrobe item for days with poor visibility. 

To complete the outfit, pair the Cold Front Raincoat with the water-resistant Soft Shield Boots to offer your pup’s paws extra traction and insulation from rain, frost, or snow. 

The Slush Suit

The Slush Suit is a wardrobe staple for fall and winter. Not only does this water-resistant garment keep your pup dry on rainy or slushy days, but the sturdy material protects against wind chill, too, making it great for dogs who are extra sensitive to the cold. 

The Slush Suit offers full coverage of your dog’s body and legs. It has an adjustable neck to ensure it fits snugly and doesn’t allow cold air to rush into the suit. Button snaps at the front and back legs make it easy to adjust the fit for your dog’s body type. The suit features a side zipper closure, making it easy to put it on and take off. 

Available in sizes 8 through 28, the Slush Suit will fit most dogs. It comes in three stylish colours, black, pink, and green camo, each with sporty, reflective taping on the side for visibility. 

As the seasons change and the weather gets cooler, layer a dog sweater or onesie under the Slush Suit to provide extra warmth if your pup needs it. We recommend the Thermal Layer Onesie for this purpose, as its graphene fabric is designed to help retain body heat. 

Keeping Your Dog Warm & Dry as Seasons Change

Having warm, protective dog cold weather gear  on hand is the best way to ensure your dog remains comfortable as the days grow shorter and the weather becomes colder, wetter, and gloomier. Dog clothing with thermal layers, water-resistant fabric, and reflective elements will help your pup stay cozy and visible on walks at any time of day. With the right gear, your dog can happily engage in exercise, potty breaks, and playtime, no matter what the weather is doing. 

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